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Pangean Overview
About Pangean Technologies


Pangean Technologies is a VoIP business solution developer. The company was founded by a team of VoIP software professionals and business communication consultants who shared a vision of robust, instantaneous, interoffice communications carried over an organization’s current IP network.

Interoffice Communications

Corporate growth, acquisitions and globalization are redefining interoffice communications.  In order to maintain open communications channels between all corporate offices, organizations are relying more and more on dedicated lease lines, customized long distance calling plans, teleconferencing services and instant messaging systems. 


Effective, efficient interoffice communications heightens productivity throughout an organization by providing one seamless network for one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communications.

“Best in Class” VoIP Solutions

The goal of Pangean Technologies is to deliver “best in class” VoIP business communications solutions. To achieve this goal, we make certain each of our VoIP solutions conforms to a specific set of criteria that includes:

  1. Utilize the existing corporate network infrastructure for a converged communications solution
  2. Develop VoIP applications using industry standard protocols, such as SIP and IP Multicast
  3. Separate the user interface, features, and functionality set from the lower level VoIP protocols (SIP and RTP).

Pangean Technologies uses a modular architecture approach in solution development.  This approach allows Pangean Technologies to offer a consistent user interface and feature set, regardless of the underlying protocol. and allows for rapid integration of emerging protocols. This architecture also allows Pangean’s OEM and VoIP Development Partners to easily re-brand and integrate the solution into a broader VoIP communications offering.

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