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The all-in-one, VoIP interoffice communications solution from Pangean Technologies includes a secure, flexible audio broadcasting capability. This capability allows senior executives to relay important information to large groups of employees quickly and easily.

VoIP is the perfect delivery medium for enterprise-wide voice broadcasts, because it uses a company's existing IP infrastructures to carry the voice broadcast. Companies save money with the Pangean solution by eliminating the need for separate, hard-wired telecommunication systems or dedicated voice circuits.
With Pangean’s interoffice communications solution (insta-REACT!), employees are assigned to one or more groups, which can represent facilities, departments, geographical regions, etc. When an executive needs to deliver information to a group of employees, all they do is “click” on the appropriate group icons presented in the insta-REACT! directory. The system creates an instantaneous connection between the executive and every member PC within that group. These PC “end points” can be configured for two-way communications or as “listen-only” stations.

Company Broadcasts

By establishing a group list that includes everyone in the company, senior management can relay information to the entire organization in real-time. For a large distributed operation, company-wide broadcasts can be an extremely effective management tool. With Pangean’s interoffice communications solution, everything is already in place to
communicate directly with every employee in the company, no matter where they are.

With the voice recording and playback features of Pangean’s insta-REACT! system, an executive can record a session and send a “missed broadcast” message to those users who were offline, allowing them to retrieve those messages the next time they login to the system.

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