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The Essence of IP Paging and Emergency Communications

Pangean Technologies IP Paging solution for the education market features a SIP-based, fully-featured system that allows school administrators to instantly communicate emergency alerts to all classrooms. The solution is robust and allows for Push to Talk Audio and Instant Messages to all users connected to the system, including Pangean’s desktop client, mobile client and overhead paging systems.

The solution uses the existing LAN, WAN or VPN infrastructure to broadcast audio information to any authorized client or system on the network.  It uses VoIP technology to provide a secure, intercom-like communications, eliminating the need for separate, hardwired communications systems or dedicated voice circuits.

Schools with remote campuses can instantly communicate with those remote campuses and send emergency alerts by simply “clicking” on the “TALK” button.

Pangean Technologies IP Paging Solution comes with a Management Server, Communication Server and a client/endpoint. The management server is a web-based configuration tool that provides a graphical interface that enables administrators to create and define virtual zones or groups that represent classrooms and provide access to users who have access to speak and broadcast alerts to users.

Product Features

Enterprise-wide Broadcast, a one-to-many mode of communications that allows authorized users to distribute information quickly.

Push-to-Talk , a direct, “always-on” connection that allows administrators to make a broadcast by simply clicking on a group or zone icon..

Listen-Only Stations , a one-way end point shared by multiple employees.

Multi-channel Communications , supports multiple, concurrent channels and full duplex communications with multiple users.

Web-based Management and Administration , simplifies the creation and administration of user parameters, group assignments and overall system management.  The solution is fully compatible with relational database programs.

Product Benefits

   Cost Effective

In schools where multiple campuses exist, carrying voice traffic across the IP Network can result in great cost savings. Pangean's solution allows geographically dispersed users to remain connected wherever they may be located,  using their existing IP infrastructure for voice communications without incurring any charges.

   Rapidly Deployable

Within 20 minutes to an hour, Pangean's solution can be installed and ready to use. There is no need for extra cabling and the server resides on a low commodity hardware server

   Increase Productivity

Not only does a school experience lower cost of ownership and the benefit of converging Voice and Data on their existing network, they also realize a significant increase in productivity and mobility through a corporate home office VPN. The flexibility a user has is endless. They are able to work from home, hotel rooms, or any remote location while connected to the corporate network. 

   Secure Communication 

As the solution resides on the school's network for internal communication, it is already protected by the school's implemented firewall. It also features a two way logon/logoff mechanism for added security.

      No Recurring Cost

There are no recurring usage fees! All features come standard.

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