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All VoIP applications developed by Pangean Technologies share a common set of fundamental characteristics that help establish these applications as best in class interoffice communications solutions.  These characteristics are:

Open, Modular Architecture
Pangean Technologies uses VoIP standard protocols (SIP and RTP) and a modular architecture approach in solution development.  This approach delivers a consistent user interface and feature set, independent of the underlying protocol, which allow rapid integration with emerging protocols.

This open-system architecture also allows our OEM and VoIP Development Partners to easily re-brand and integrate the solution into a broader VoIP communications offering.

Presence Awareness
The Pangean VoIP applications employs a buddy list-style GUI that identifies which users are currently present ― logged on the IP network. Users have easy access to information about the other members of their group, including:

  • Who is online in a group

  • When participants are available to conference

  • Who is participating in a conference call

  • When a user logs off

Once the user is online, every member in the group is alerted that they are ready to receive calls or instant messages.  Presence Awareness enables real-time communication and collaboration between colleagues, project members and work groups.

Pangean Technologies believes significant productivity benefits are gained from multiple users sharing information in conference sessions.  This is why Pangean Interoffice Communications solutions organize users into groups.  These groups can represent departments, facilities, branch offices or geographic regions. Users can be assigned to as many groups as necessary. 

Instant Communications
Since users can look at their groups and identify if a member is available, it makes sense to “click on” the member’s icon instead of dialing a number.  Pangean Technologies provides a direct, always-on, one-click capability to instantaneously communicate with a group member or the entire group.

Pangean’s solutions allow enterprise users to communicate with staff people and co-workers in the most efficient, effective way possible. 

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