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Interoffice Communications

As corporations grow and evolve, an increasing number of employees are working from remote offices, including home offices. Even though these employees are geographically distributed, they have to stay in contact with the rest of the organization.

There are any number of traditional network technologies available for interoffice communications, such as dedicated lease lines, customized long distance calling plans, teleconferencing services and instant messaging systems. However, these technologies are making remote communications more complicated and more expensive.

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The VoIP Alternative

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has many companies re-thinking their traditional voice channels. Those organizations using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) incur ever-increasing toll charges, specifically for interoffice calls. An alternative to these per-call charges, is installing expensive T1 leased lines between sites.

VoIP offers another, more practical, solution that interweaves voice and data traffic on a company’s existing IP network. Moving voice traffic through an in-place IP infrastructure reduces the operating expenses associated toll and long distance charges, as well as those monthly fees for leasing redundant communication lines.

Beyond lower operating expenses, VoIP technology offers a host of other benefits. One of the most important benefits of VoIP, is the medium itself. With open protocol standards (such as SIP) exciting new communications capabilities will become readily available to VoIP users.


Enhancing Interoffice Communications

Our solution to the interoffice communications dilemma integrates several voice communications functions into a single VoIP desktop solution. This functionality ― which includes: enterprise-wide intercom, dynamic conference calling, “Hoot & Holler” sessions and voice broadcasts ― gives people the tools necessary to increase productivity and reduce costs for internal interoffice communications.


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